Tai Chi classes

Tai Chi, Chi Yoga, Chi Kung & Meditation


Peace    Strength Energise Balance Health

Mindful Movement with

Chi Kung & Infinite Tai Chi


Thursdays 6:15 pm at Woodside Clinic, Hitchin.







Align body and mind and learn to love yoga with Chi Yoga


Mondays 6:30 pm


Thursdays 7:15

at Woodside Clinic, Hitchin



Please contact me to book a space.


About the Practices


Experience the benefits of Tai Chi , Chi Yoga and Chi Kung as you learn new movements and sequences which will help you relax, strengthen your body, become more energised as well as many other health benefits.


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Tai Chi Classes


Tai Chi & Chi Kung classes:


Thursdays in Hitchin


Beneficial for any age and level of fitness.


Chi Yoga Classes


Chi Yoga in Hitchin - Monday & Thursday evening.  Please contact me to find out more.


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Mindfulness Based Living Course


The Mindfulness Based Living course, ideal for beginners.

The step by step course, gradually and gently introduces you to the experience of mindfulness practices and meditation over the course of 8 weeks


Woodside Clinic, Hitchin

Next course starts November


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Classes in the workplace


Introduce Tai Chi , Chi Yoga and Chi Kung into your work place to help staff reduce stress levels and be more productive at work.


Mindfulness Based Living Courses also designed for the workplace.


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